Youtube Spotlight: Is Back to the Future slowly becoming a reality!?


If you’ve seen Back to the Future II, then no doubt like myself, you wanted all of the amazing futuristic gadgets that Marty Mcfly and the rest of the characters got to use in the movie. My favourites were always the trainers that automatically tied its shoe laces, and the iconic Hoverboard. I’m actually trying to teach myself how to skateboard properly so I can prepare for 2015 – the year that Back to the Future is set, and therefore the date that all fan’s hope the Hoverboard will become a reality.

Well the trainers are already on the cards. Nike employee, Tinker Hatfield, announced earlier this year that he was designing trainers with self-tying laces. These would become available by 2015. Now, it seems like the Hoverboard could be ready by 2015 as well. A company called HUVr have just released a video on youtube, claiming that they have invented the first working Hoverboard. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this.

The video is full of celebrities, including skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and even Christopher Lloyd, who plays Doc in the Back to the Future movies. They are all raving about the new technology, some of them even trying it out first hand (supposedly). But something just doesn’t feel right. Having watched the video a few times now, everything looks too organised. I wouldn’t have expected them all to be so calm about getting on something that’s hardly been tested. This could just be the pessimist in me talking, but generally speaking if something looks too good to be true, it usually is. If this Hoverboard is real however ..TAKE MY MONEY!!

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