My Netflix Obsession


At the start of the year, my friend and I decided we wanted to go on a backpacking trip to Peru. The amount of things we want to do whilst out there is making it the most expensive holiday I’ve ever been on, and seen as we’re off at the end of March, I had a lot of saving to do in a very short amount of time.

With all of my spare money going into my epic adventure fund, I have been seriously lacking in the social life department. My usual two + nights out a week has turned into once a fortnight, and the four + gigs I go to every month, has turned into one! This meant I had to find entertainment else where, and as much as I love to read books, it becomes a chore if you’re scanning pages every night.

I therefore decided to invest in a Netflix account, and it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done! Infact, I’m not entirely sure how I’ve survived this long without it. And if I’m perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ll be getting my social life back in a hurry. There is just so much stuff on there, it’s insane. I find myself binge watching TV series more than anything else, so I thought I’d list out what I’ve been watching throughout January and February.


1. Once Upon a Time
I got through the first two seasons of this in just a few days, I couldn’t stop watching it. It’s an absolutely beautiful show. The story is based around fairy tale characters who are transported to a parallel world, our world. They’ve lost their memories so have no idea that they were once princesses, or fairies, or dwarves, and it’s up to one boy to help every character get their memories back. I love how it switches between their present life on earth, and their past Fairytale existence. Every character is memorable, and every story told brings back memories of the fairy tales I once new as a child. It really hit my nostalgic side.


2. Parks and Rec.
I was absolutely obsessed with this show. The basic storyline sounds like an incredibly boring one; a government department focus on maintaining and developing Parks and Recreational Activities throughout their town. When I first started watching, I couldn’t believe that it went on for five seasons. Surely there’s only so long you can drag out building a new play park. The thing that really drags you in though are the characters. They are all amazing and 100 percent made the show. Leslie – the adorable workaholic, Ron – the grumpy badass, April – the sarcastic mischief maker, Tom – the sleazy goofball. They’re all so different and brilliant, and they compliment each other so well.


3. Always Sunny in Philedelphia
So many of my friends are in love with this show so I had to give it a go, but truthfully, I don’t think it was massively my thing. The storyline revolves around five friends/family members who own a bar, and seem to live their lives as dishonestly as they can. There really were some hilarious moments when I would actually find myself laughing out loud, but I don’t think I’d sit through them all again. I think my expectations were just too high, however I did love the characters played by Danny Divito and Charlie Day – if they ever made a spinoff, I could see myself loving it.


4. Supernatural
This show really hits the fangirl in me. I’d seen up to about season 5 in years gone by, but decided to re-start and re-watch from the very beginning. It was so worth it. If I were going to have a crush on any fictional characters, it would be the Winchester boys. They are handsome, but adorable, tough, but humble, and completely bad ass. They’re basically the perfect guys, the only problem would be picking which one I love more. And the show only gets better with age. New story lines, with new guest characters, and new villains – I never ever get bored and ALWAYS look forward to the next episode.


5. Revolution
I watched the first season of this on Netflix, and was a little undecided as to whether I liked it or not. Don’t get me wrong, it was an interesting show. It’s set in a post apocalyptic world, but instead of zombies causing destruction, every energy source dies out and stops working – cars stopped running, lights wouldn’t turn off, radios died. Everybody had to live like cave men, and the villains in the show were each other. People were out for themselves. If the storyline had stayed like that, I think I would have loved it, but it seemed to mainly revolve around one family, who just had far too much drama for me to handle.


6. Orange is the new Black
This show was very unlike the series I usually watch. I generally levitate towards fiction/ fantasy storylines, but this could have been a documentary (it wasn’t, but it could have been). It just seemed so real, I really enjoyed it. It’s set in an all female prison, and focuses on life behind bars – guards, other inmates, chores, sex. It’s really gritty, and can be quite controversial but I love most of the inmates and it’s really different and unique.


7. Grimm
This is the latest series I’ve started watching. I’m about halfway through the first season, in fact I’m watching it as I write, and I’m definitely a fan. It’s another show with a relatively fairy tale like story line, but it’s a lot darker than Once upon a time. The idea is that some people who live in our world have a glamour covering their real Fairytale like personalities. But they’re not cute fairies or little bunny rabbits, they’re nearly always scary looking beasties – Wolves, Hogs, Snakes. It’s actually quite terrifying to watch them casually transfer between human and creature, and they’re always getting into trouble.

I’ve got a couple of series on my to-watch this for this next month, but if anyone has any recommendation, please send them my way! I’m always looking for new things to watch.

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