Trailer Time: Arkham Knight


Yesterday, I sat down and watched the trailer for the brand new Batman game; Arkham Knight, and literally squealed at my work desk. The rest of my quad gave me some rather concerned looks. It could not be helped – it looks beautiful! The game has been made for next gen consoles, so the graphics are incredible. The Arkham series has always been pretty detailed, but this goes beyond expectations.

Rocksteady Studios currently have three Batman games to their name; Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Origins, and have announced that they will release one final game ..Arkham Knight. This particular game will take place one year after the events of Arkham City, when Batman is at the top of his game. There have been little details released about the storyline or gameplay, though it appears you can actually drive around in the Batmobile, which is exciting news. Added to this, the playable area will be much larger than ever before, with wider streets making it easier to manoeuvre the Dark Knights automobile.

The game is due for release on the 14th October, and it’s making me nervous because I have hardly made a dent in Arkham Origins, and still haven’t completed Arkham City. The games are so huge, they take ages to get through, especially if you’re like me and are determined to collect all of the Riddler trophies as you go. This does however finally give me a reason to invest in an Xbox One. So far, no other games have really peaked my interest, but I’m not going to be able to resist a new Batman game. You can pre-order the game now on various websites, the bonus of this being that you will exclusively get Harley Quinn as a playable character.




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