Trailer Time: A Dame to Kill For


I have been waiting years for this movie to become a reality, and have been eagerly awaiting any kind of a glimpse at its glorious insides, let alone its release date. After around 9 years of will they won’t they create a sequel, and hearing next to nothing about its development, director Robert Rodriguez has finally released a theatrical trailer. I almost can’t contain my excitement.

Sin City is one of my favourite movies. It’s based on the Graphic Novels created by Frank Miller, and it is as dark as anything, not to mention brutal, and its iconic black, white and red shots are beautiful. It’s the perfect balance of sex, murder, and mayhem, so I’m praying the sequel will be just as racy.

This new instalment is called Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. The trailer shows that they’ve kept the black and white atmosphere, which is automatically a thumb’s up in my opinion. There’s just something about that type of cinematography that’s an instant win with me. It also has a star studded cast like its predecessor; Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Micky Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, though I’ve seen no glimpse of Clive Owen who played Dwight in the first Sin City.

A Dame to Kill For is based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel with the same name, as well as another one of his releases; Just Another Saturday Night. The rest of the film is made up of brand new stories written by Miller, especially for the film; The Long Bad Night, and The Fat Loss. This is going to be great for fans of his comics because they have something to look forward to.

The movie is out on 22nd August, so that’s plenty of time for everyone to brush up on their Sin City knowledge. I’m hoping for another trailer soon which’ll give us a bit more of an insight into the story line.


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