Travelling Bragging Rights


I’m off to Peru in three weeks, and it got me thinking about all of the other places I’ve been to. I love travelling, it’s one of my favourite things to do. I’ve only visited about 14 or so different countries so far, but am intending on hitting up a lot more than that throughout my lifetime. When I was listing out my ventures, I actually started to struggle remembering, and that’s on less than 30 holidays. Imagine when that hits 40, or 50.

I’ve always liked the idea of making a scrapbook to document all of my trips, but that takes time. Then my friend told me about something he had just bought ..a scratch off map. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a picture of a detailed map, covered in black wax that you can scratch off easily, so if you’ve been to a certain country, scratch it and it becomes visible. This is a perfect idea. Not only can you keep track of where you’ve been, but it also gives you bragging rights for when your friends come over!

I had a look online, and there’s load of versions; the clever scratch off maps are in abundance, but I also like the cork maps that you stab push pins into. I compiled a quick list of my favourites below.


First off, the cork globe from Suck UK. I love this idea. It’s perfect if you don’t have a huge amount of space on your walls because you’ve covered them in awesome posters. The globe is a working globe that you can spin around on its axis. When you find the places you’ve been to, stab a push pin into the cork and there you go!


The second map is the Scratch Map Deluxe Edition, from the official scratch map store. It’s large and detailed, with a black background, and a copper coloured foil image of the world. Underneath the foil. the earth is multicoloured, so the more places you scratch off, the more colourful the map gets. It looks really beautifully any wall.


The Gourmet Scratch Map from Luckies, is another colourful representation. Again, you have to scratch off the location you’ve been to to reveal the colourful interior, however, this map shows a little more than the countries outline – it shows that locations’ most famous foods, allowing you to eat your way around the country. It’s a nice idea, showing off not only how well travelled you are, but also how developed your taste buds are. The problem is that it’s only a European map. I’d love for it to expand.


Finally, I love this cork board map from Not on the Highstreet. Like the globe, you push pins in to show off the locations you’ve been to, the difference being that it is larger and hangs up on the wall. I love that you can use it as a memo board, adding postcards, tickets, or other mementos to the cork as well as the push pins.

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