Youtube Spotlight: Spongemen Squarewatch


I always appreciate a good mashup of different fandoms, and this Spongebob Squarepants / Watchmen collaboration created by Rodrigo Huerta, has really satisfied my daily needs. Everything seems to fit so well. It’s the perfect combination of Zack Snyder’s dark, gritty Watchmen scenes, with the childlike nonsensical hilarity of Spongebob. Even the characters are a great match. Patrick makes the best Comedian, Spongebob as Rorschach, Plankton as Ozymandias. The only pairing I would change is Gary as Doctor Manhattan. While it’s hilarious to see a huge blue snail terrorising Thailand, it would have been more amusing if that were actually David Hasslehoff.

My absolute favourite part of the whole video however, is right at the end. If you watch past the credits, to around 1.42 minutes, you get an ‘Easter Egg’ of sorts.. Alan Moore (the original creator of the Watchmen graphic novel) blowing his brains out. Well you don’t get to watch it happen, but you see him viewing the Watchmen/Spongbob mashup, hear a gunshot, and kind of put the pieces together. I love Alan Moore, I’m a huge fan and would go as far as to say he’s one of my favourite writers, but it’s no secret that he has always had strong objections to his books becoming Movies, giving him a slight reputation of a cranky old man. I just think it’s the perfect ending to this fan made video.

This also reminded me that I haven’t seen Spongebob Squarepants in years! I miss that crazy excitable fool.


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