The Girl on Fire


I remember watching the second Hunger Games: Catching Fire, at the cinema. I’d already read the books, so I knew exactly which scenes I was most excited for.. One of them being when Katniss comes out onto stage in her wedding dress, then twirls to reveal her Mokingjay gown. The movie portrayed it much better then my imagination ever could, but this amazingly beautiful cake, created by Nerdache Cakes, has done an even better job!

It is one of the most stunning pieces of art I have ever seen, and the fact it’s also made of cake makes it that much more impressive. The cake is topped with a full figure of Katniss in her gown, accompanied by roses, berries, and her Mokingjay pin. The amount of detail gone into this is insane, there are feathers, twigs, even metal and wood textures, it must have taken them hours. Everything is edible, from her fondant wings, to her chocolate hair. The only problem would be that I’d just want to stare at it, it’d never get eaten.







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