Artist Alley: Hairy Pawtter


Yay.. Waffles is back! The Scottish Fold kitty cat, inspiration and muse for Laine’s adorable pop culture illustrations, has returned to model as characters from the Harry Potter, or ‘Hairy Pawter’ franchise. So far, Waffles has represented quite a few different fandoms, including Sherlock Holmes, Disney, and Star Wars, but these are my favourite animations from the collection to date; Hairmeowne, Lord Voldemewt, Sevepuss Snape..

The cat puns are genius, and the little costumes and wigs are far too cute for me to handle. I’m not even a massive cat lover, but those eyes stare into my soul (except for Ron’s, they disturb me and make me love him less.) I think I like Dumpurrdore the most, with his massive kitty beard, and poetic wings.

I still stand by my comment on my previous Waffles post – a Supernatural / Waffles mashup would be amazing. She could call in Supercatual, with Dean and Sam Catchester, and Catstiel. OK, so I’m not as original as Laine, but it’s a good starting point right?

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