I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Zombie World


Is it sad to admit that I still have my entire Barbie collection? To be fair, that did only consist of around three dolls, and I don’t actually know where they are now, but I just couldn’t throw them out so they are laying around my house somewhere. I’ve got to say though; none of them are as hard-core as this Michonne Barbie, so I’m feeling a little pathetic right now.

Michonne is a badass character from the Walking Dead series. She is so badass that she used to walk zombies around like they were dogs on a leash. Most people wouldn’t go within ten yards of a walker, but she got close enough to lop off its arms. It’s only right that she gets an awesome Barbie representation; I’m just sad it’s a one off and I can’t actually buy it.

Park Seoung is the genius behind this little masterpiece. She creates realistic fashion dolls of all shapes and sizes daily, and made this custom Michonne as a side project. Being a custom design, it’s not available anywhere, which is a huge shame because I need about ten of these to create my Michonne army – don’t ask. It’s pretty much perfect, it’s even carrying her iconic sword.. though I must admit, I think she looks far too happy for the usually scowling Michonne. She also needs to be accompanied by two armless zombie Barbie’s to complete her look.


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