Trailer Time: New Borderlands Game


I just witnessed something so amazing that I actually think a little bit of wee came out – a trailer for the new Borderlands game. But this isn’t Borderlands as we know it. Gearbox Software, who developed the Borderlands series, are partnering up with Telltale Games (who I rave about quite regularly for creating two awesome games – The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us) to create a crazy hybrid Borderlands game, with video games publisher, 2K.

This new game will be called Tales from the Borderlands, and it is set in the world of Pandora, after the events that happened in Borderlands 2, and all of its DLC. Apparently the story will be told from two perspectives; the first from an android named Rhys, and the second from Fiona, a fast talking con artist – though not much else about the gameplay has been revealed.

I’m looking forward to seeing whether they go down the serious or funny route. Telltale’s Walking Dead games are renowned for being sad and upsetting, full of harrowing decisions, whereas the Borderlands games have always been hilarious and full of inside jokes. A lot of the characters in Borderlands seem to have pretty traumatic backgrounds though, filled with tragedy, maybe the developers are going to use this. It would have the potential to be one of the darkest story lines in gaming history.


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