Youtube Spotlight: Frozen’s Honest Trailer


Screen Junkies have released a brand new Honest Trailer for the 2013 animated Disney movie; Frozen, and it is probably the nicest they’ve ever been, which I was kind of disappointed about because I’ve been waiting for someone to bring Frozen down a notch or two for a while now. With a couple of Oscars under its belt, and a billion dollar box office result, it has gotten a bit too big for its boots.

I enjoyed the movie, but unlike everybody else in the entire world, I haven’t jumped on the Frozen bandwagon. Why, you may ask. I honestly didn’t think it was as good as some of the classic Disney films I grew up with – maybe it’s a nostalgic thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s catchy, and beautifully animated, but the storyline was pretty weak, and there were so many things left unexplained.

For example, how did Elsa get her powers? The film suggests she was born with them, so that makes them genetic right? Well who had them before her then, why don’t we find that out? Also, why was Kristoff adopted by Trolls? Why didn’t one of the ice cutters adopt the poor boy? Why were the Trolls even in the movie?

Anyway, enough rambling about my unanswered questions (DAMN YOU DISNEY!!) Back to the video..

Everyone knows that trailers are produced to show off only the best, most exciting scenes in the movie they represent. The Screen Junkies change this. They make honest trailers about a variety of different movies once they’ve already watched them. Usually they’re really picky, but Frozen was only mildly made fun of. I agreed with a lot of the points made, I just wish they’d added to it a bit more.

My favourite part of the movie was probably the whole ‘I don’t need no man’ bit at the end, and at least Screen Junkies agreed with me on that ‘It teaches girls everywhere that they don’t need a prince to rescue them, because all men are disgusting loners, greedy murderers, or lying, manipulative, power hungry sociopaths’ – accurate to say the least.

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