Stunning Dark Crystal Cake


The Dark Crystal is my boyfriend’s favourite movie of all time. I had never seen it as a child like he had, in fact, I’d never even heard of it until recently, so he sat me down to watch the film last year (apparently I had quite the deprived childhood.) It was a ‘have to watch and love’ moment for me, if things were ever expected to work out between us in the long run – just like I would have disowned him if he didn’t like Scott Pilgrim. And Batman. If he didn’t like Batman, I’d have had to kill him.

It was a truly beautiful fantasy film, in design and storyline, and this cake created by Tracey Rothwell from the Little Cherry Cake Company, has depicted that beauty perfectly. Looking at it, it’s hard to imagine it even being edible. It’s obvious that so much work has gone into this to make it as detailed as possible. The five layers are littered with references to the movie, with characters galore; Jen and Kira, the two Geflings, the creepy Skeksis, and a Mystic.

The cake has won first place for best Wedding cake at the Cake International Manchester contest, and I’m not surprised. Tracey obviously loves the Jim Hensen movie more than Sam to be able to create this masterpiece.









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