Deadpool doesn’t need a brain!


If I was going to stick a biro into any super-human head, it would probably be Deadpools. No offence Deadpool, but you look like you could take it, in fact, you look like you’d enjoy it and would probably make some hilarious joke about me trying to erase something that isn’t even there (brain) with the rubber end of my pencil.

On this note, Gentle Giant obviously thought Deadpool was due a stabbing too, because they’ve turned his head into a rather gruesome, yet amazingly detailed pencil holder for your desk. Insert your pens and pencils into his brain like it’s just one of those things you do. There are only eight holes though, so chose your weapons wisely. I’m kind of disappointed you can’t shove a pen up his nose or in his eye, and it would be awesome if his ear were a pencil sharpener too.

The model comes with a plastic arrowhead pen cap that you can stick on the end of your favourite stationary. There are even shuriken Star erasers that fit nicely between the gaps in his brain. It’s quite an expensive collectable, at about $100, but it is very limited edition – just over 1000 are available for purchase. It’s also very durable so you know it’ll last forever as long as you don’t play Superhero and knock it off your desk whilst attempting to fly.




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