Lego Doctor Who


I check the Lego Cuusoo website quite regularly – It’s a hub for all things Lego. Ordinary people like you and me (I say ordinary people, but what I actually mean is insanely creative people who don’t already work for Lego) can submit their own design ideas and prototypes for Lego sets they want to be produced and sold commercially. People can then go onto the website and vote for their favourites. When a particular design gets 10,000 supporters, it goes onto a short list. The Cuusoo team then review these popular sets and decide which one they will make a reality.

It’s really exciting because there are all sorts of designs on there; Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Big Bang Theory, X-men, Discworld, etc. Pretty much every fandom and pop culture theme you can think of will be on there somewhere. The one theme I noticed a serious lack of however was Doctor Who. For such a popular show, there was no reference to it anywhere on the site.

When I looked the other week, this had dramatically changed, and pretty much every other design was Tardis related. It turns out that Lego had banned people from submitting their Doctor Who designs due to licencing issues with the BBC. Now, the conflict seems to have subsided, and fans have flooded the website with their Tardis prototypes and companion minifigs. Surely this demand for a Doctor Who Lego Set means we are likely to get one in the future? I really do hope so. Here are some of my favourite designs so far.






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