Geeky DIY: Make Your Own Space Hopper


I hope you didn’t get your hopes up too much!! This post will definitely not be teaching you how to sew together a working plastic space hopper – Quite frankly, that is just impossible in my mind. But I have found a pretty awesome paper craft version, so you guys can get stuck into some arts and crafts if you like to procrastinate.

You see, I love to multitask ..I’m not very good at it most of the time, but figure if I’m doing more than one thing at once, then I’m cheating time. So last night while I was having a bit of a Kurt Russell marathon – Big Trouble in Little China, Escape from LA.. I noticed a tweet from Hawkins Bazaar. It was called ‘make your own Space Hopper’. I love Space Hoppers, and I love crafts, so I just had to give it a go. I also like trying my hand at origami, so I figure it’s got to be similar to that.

All you need is scissors and glue (though make sure the glue is strong! I originally used pritt stick and ended up having to go over it all again), and obviously the Space Hopper Blueprints. I’ve added an example below, but it’s best to print off from their website as they have an A4 PDF version. Once you’ve got your resources, it’s pretty self explanatory – cut around the edges, fold the required lines, glue the flaps.

You then have yourself a pretty cute, miniture space hopper that you can add to your shelf. After Boba Fett had a ride, I decided Howard the hopper would settle in nicely next to my Einstein bobble head.





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