Top 10: Pi Day Ideas


Yay, today is Pi day! I have a love/hate relationship with Pi. You see, probably around 60% of the time I hate Mathematics, but Pi shares its name with the flaky delicious goodness that is pie, and I love pie 100% of the time.. Ergo, I love Pi day, which is just an excuse to eat a whole lot of pie. I am literally drooling right now thinking about how much I want Pie. Coincidentally, today is also Steak and Blow Job day. I think I’m going to have to go hunting for a Steak Pie for lunch – two birds, one stone (By the way, I have managed to fit Pi/Pie into this paragraph 9 times, that’s how much I love it)

Now the obvious way to celebrate Pi day is to create or just simply eat pie. However, there are other more original ways to get the most out of the day, and show your appreciation for the irrational number. Here are my top 10 Pi products that will prove you are the biggest Pi lover on the planet.

10. Givenchy Pi from the Perfume Shop


Well, this is probably the least nerdy thing on the list, but it sure is different. I would never associate Pi with Eau De Toilette, but Givenchy seemed to think the two go hand in hand. If Pi had a scent, it would apparently smell like a combination of Mandarin, Iron Wood, and Benzoin Crystals – whatever they are.

9. Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi from Amazon


This is a cute idea. Everybody loves a good fairy tale, and I think parents would resent reading them to their children less if they were actually educational. This is a great book for introducing mathematics in a fun way, with Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter, and Radius.. Pi can actually be fun to learn about.

8. Pi cookie cutters from Etsy


Unfortunately, not everybody likes pie – you disgust me! But if that is the case, then you could always celebrate with cookies instead. Etsy seller Printmeneer has created a selection of 3D printed cookie cutters, one of which is the symbol for Pi. Use it to bake a batch of biscuits then cover with icing, and you’ll have a delicious mathematical treat.

7. Pi-Man T-shirt from Redbubble


I can’t think of any other superhero I would like to meet less than Pi-Man, however I love the design on this t-shirt silly amounts. Modelled on Superman’s chest symbol, it’s a funny visual pun that I’d actually contemplate on wearing myself.

6. Pi pie necklaces from Etsy


Inedible Jewellery creates a huge selection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets with food in mind – just don’t try to eat them, they’re called inedible Jewellery for a reason! Their latest design is a little cherry pie necklace. It’s no ordinary pie though; it’s a pi cherry pie. The adorable little polymer pie fits nicely on a chain and would look great around any mathematicians neck.

5. Pi pencils from Amazon


I’ve managed to memorise pi to …3 decimal places. Wow that’s rubbish! 3.142 isn’t it? I would do terrible if that came up in a test. I guess that’s why they created Pi pencils. They look like ordinary pencils, in fact they are ordinary pencils, they just have a long list of numbers down one side – pi to 60 decimal places. It’s a great investment if you overestimate your memories abilities.

4. Pizza Pi Cutter from Mentalfloss


I think my favourite pie is probably pizza pie, so if you intend on eating pizza on Pi day, I think it’s only right that you slice it with a pi pizza cutter. It actually looks pretty nifty, with not one, but two blades, and a big pie shaped handle for easy gliding.

3. Cherry Pi T-shirt from Diesel Sweeties


I love this t-shirt. The cherries on the shirt, and the white background, are actually created from the digits that make up Pi. It’s a clever design, and also pretty. Clever and pretty are the best of all combinations.

2. Pi Pie Pan from Kick-starter Garrett H


What’s better than a pie on Pi day? A Pi pie on Pi day!! This tin, created by Garrett, is an amazing idea. Who wouldn’t want to literally eat Pi. The best thing is that it can be used to create anything.. Brownies, Jelly, Cake! I love pie, but I prefer cake, so a Pi cake gives me the novelty of eating Pi, while actually eating my favourite dessert.

1. Pi Necklace from Boutique Academia


This is a beautiful necklace. I love all the jewellery on the BA website because they’re fun, pretty, and educational. This Pi necklace is probably my favourite though because it has Pi to 35 decimal places hidden between the two disks that make up the necklace. Another good memory refresher when you’re bragging about how many digits of Pi you have memorised.

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