Tardis Corset


It was my friend Lucy’s birthday yesterday, and her birthday tradition is to attend a show called the Circus of Horrors at our local theatre every year. This year, we all dressed up in corsets – which, if you’ve ever seen the show, is very appropriate. Lucy, being a massive Whovian, decided to try her hand at some DIY and created her own corset designed on the Tardis, from the television show Doctor Who.

She bought a plain blue corset online, then added all the separate parts onto it, gradually making it look more and more like the Tardis in clothing form. The window pains and Police Telephone sign, are pieces of fabric that have been stitched on. The Bad Wolf lettering, and Silence counter, on the back of the corset, are drawn on with glow in the dark paint pen. It looks amazing. I’m kind if jealous I didn’t think of something like this first.







5 thoughts on “Tardis Corset

      • I was amazed by hannibal (the guy who does all the suspension), I was fairly near the front so was really into it. The only part I wasnt keen on was the ringmasters bits. I dont know why, just didnt find it that entertaining. At the time I was tattooing, piercing and doing bod mods so the acts that centred around that sort of thing were my favourites. What did you think?

        • I loved it. I couldn’t believe how many different skills they showed off in the show, everyone was so multitalented. Must admit, I did cringe a bit when the guy who dislocated all his limbs came on though. Yeah, I wasn’t so keen on the ringmaster either, or the female singer. I just don’t really think they added anything to the show.

  1. oh yeah I forgot about the singer, I didnt like that either. I think the bit I cringed at the most was the dwarf hanging weights off of his genitals. Luckily there wasnt a male with us otherwise there would be a fainter! 🙂

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