Doctor Who’s Toolbox


The doctor has just regenerated into his 12th different reincarnation, so that’s 12 different faces, 12 different sets of clothes, and 12 different sonic screwdrivers. What does he do with all of his old tools though? They’re too powerful to leave laying around, he needs to keep them safe. He needs a toolbox!

RPF user, 00failure, had the same predicament. He was tired of all of his sonics rolling around in draws, getting lost and damaged, so decided to create a nice display case to keep them all in. This was the outcome; an MDF, black walnut veneered box, with a few fixtures added, and some Gallifreyan symbols, laser cut into the wood. The screwdrivers are held in place with flight case foam, and the box itself is covered in metal powder to give it a lovely polished look. It looks beautiful. It’s a shame it’s only a one off, because I’m sure a lot of fans would love to get their hands on one of these.




2 thoughts on “Doctor Who’s Toolbox

  1. Hello I Am The Doctor? Garry Mods 2018? And Minecraft Dalek MODS PC is 2018,2019,2020????????????????????????¿?????????????? thanks you hello I am the doctor Matt John

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