Artist Alley: The Walking Disney


Ever wondered what happened after all the Disney princes and princesses got their happy endings? Bet you never thought about an apocalypse did you. When zombies roam the Fairytale world, which characters will survive their blood soaked grasps? My money is on Merida, with that deadly aim of hers.

Deviant Artist, Kasami-Sensei, has reimagined characters from Disney movies as if they were the cast of the Walking Dead. The beautiful, perfect princesses are now haggard, dirty scroungers, and the handsome princes are now scarred, weapon wielding killing machines. I really love his art, my favourite piece probably being Tiana. She looks so badass, redesigned as a Micchone look alike, with dreadlocks and a katana blade. You can see she’s kept some of her former life – a shrunken head of her husband Naveen, and a frog skull attached to her arm.

I also love Hades with his flamethrower, and Merida with her Daryl style bow and arrow. Kristoff carrying around Hans head is a nice touch. The rest of the characters look just as powerful, though I must admit, I don’t understand why most are walking around in barely any clothes. A bra with nothing else is personally not something I’d wear when trying to avoid zombie bites.










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