Artist Alley: Disney Superheroes


In 2009, Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment, and with it, the rights to a huge chunk of their characters. This basically means they can do whatever they like with them. Well, what if all of Disney’s princes and princesses were actually the Marvel superheroes’ secret Identities? Who would be who? What power would Snow White have? Which is most like the Hulk? Deviant Artist racookie3, or Robbie Cook has created a Marvel/Disney mash up and it’s just delightful.

Modelling his favourite Princesses in the tight lycra costumes of Marvel heroines, he’s managed to create a team of female Disney superheroes. Knowing quite a lot about both Disney and Marvel, I agree that some of these partnerships are just perfect. Tiana as weather manipulator Storm, and Mulan as Psylocke, are two of my favourites. I even love Belle as She Hulk, though I think she would have looked better as Jean Gray. I have a feeling he created these before the release of Frozen, because Anna would have made the perfect Rogue – already owning a white streak in her hair, and Elsa would have made a better Emma Frost than Cinderella.

Cook also created a set of Disney Avengers, which includes Hercules as Thor, and Li Shang from Mulan, as Hawkeye. Hilariously, he chose Stitch to play the Hulk. His final Disney/ Marvel collaboration showcases the villains of both franchises. I don’t think these are as impressive, or as relevant, as the Superhero mashups but they are still great drawings nonetheless.




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