Tattoo Tuesday: Torn Superman Chest Symbol


I have a folder on my IPad filled with all of my favourite geeky tattoo designs, and I thought I’d start sharing them on here because there really are some outstanding pieces of art in amongst them.

I saw an amazing tattoo ages ago. You’d probably recognise it. It was drawn so well that it looked like someone had partially ripped away their skin to reveal a Spider-Man costume. I remember thinking that, as awesome as it was, it would be much more appropriate if the Superman symbol were there instead. Superman being the only hero who has to wear a ‘mask’ in real life when he is not saving people – his real identity being Kal El, aka, Superman, and his secret identity being Clark Kent.

I managed to find a Superman version of the same tattoo, pictured above. Somebody superimposed the symbol behind the ripped skin of the Spider-Man one, and even though it looks quite fake, It is still glorious. I don’t know who created the original, or who was brave enough to have it done ..or even whether it is real, but I do know that I am quite jealous of both.

Here is the Spider-man version


If any of you have some awesome geeky tattoos that you want to show off, please let me know as I’d love to post them up.

4 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday: Torn Superman Chest Symbol

  1. Both look great, that’s rigth but… the ripped skin is a copy. They took the fist tattoo as pattern for the other and this is kinda poor.
    But every tat in singel is great as i said

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