Funko Friday: Game of Thrones Funko Bundles


It’s all about Game of Thrones at the moment. With series four having just been released by HBO, and George R R Martins next book on the horizon, it’s no surprise that loads of GoT merch is being released left right and center. Toy company Funko have really jumped on the bandwagon, with mystery minis, pop vinyls, and various figures, but the product of theirs that I’m swooning over the most is their pop vinyl bundle release.

Exclusive to Amazon, the limited edition Game of Thrones bundle includes three products; a character Pop Vinyl, a key ring, and a limited edition Tshirt. There are two characters available to pre-order – Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Whether more will become available at a later date, I do not know, but being two of the most popular characters, they’re a good starting point. The bundles will be released on 31st May, and cost around $30 each.





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