Fandom Fashion Find: Maleficent Fashion Line


Disney’s new movie Maleficent hits cinema screens on 30th May, and Hot Topic have released a limited edition fashion collection inspired by the film, just in time for the premiere. If you’re like me and feel that a trip to the pictures definitely warrants a new movie related outfit, you might want to have a gander at their online store.

There are 9 items all together, based on the two main characters of the fairy-tale story; innocent little Aurora, and powerful villain Maleficent (focus being on the latter). Maleficent was always my favourite Disney nemesis. She looked bad ass as hell; her style being big, dramatic, and fierce, and the fact that she turned into a dragon made me love her even more.

Hot Topics collection is less of the big and dramatic, but you can still look the fiercest of them all. The collection is inspired by each characters style without being too in your face, and every piece is subtle enough to wear on a day to day basis. Consisting of various dresses, coats, and tops, my favourite piece has to be the Bat Wing Pullover, with hood and front pockets. It looks insanely comfy, the kind of thing I could just live in. I’m also in love with the corset and the Asymmetrical crow feather top. Both look great for casual and dressy occasions. The dresses all have a gothic feel about them. They’d be perfect for a night out if you’re feeling a little mischievous.

I’ve got to say that out of everything, I’m not a huge fan of either Aurora inspired items. Neither the dress nor the top looks particularly flattering, but then I’m slightly biased as an avid black wearer. Every product is available now to pre-order. Prices range from around $30 to $55. If you purchase now, you even get a free Maleficent medallion necklace to complete your outfit. Check out the Hot Topic website here.









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