Artist Alley: Frozen Genderbend


The worlds Frozen obsession is still going strong, and Fanart projects are increasing by the day. I can’t spend more than ten minutes browsing my favourite internet sites without coming across something Anna/Elsa related. Usually I’d be tearing my eyes out (no offence Frozen fans) but in this particular case I was actually staring in awe at the web page for longer than I’d care to imagine.

Artist Juhaihai has created illustrations of their interpretation of what the main characters of Disney’s animated movie, Frozen, would look like if they swapped genders. Anna and Elsa are displayed as Men, whilst Hans and Kristoff are both depicted as women. The outcome is unbelievably stunning. Not only are they obviously a very talented artist, but they have created some truly beautiful men – I think I may have a little bit of a male Elsa crush!

The outfits each character is wearing are perfect for both the period the movie is set, and the occasion. The fact that they’ve managed to utilise the same colour schemes as well makes them even better.. Juhaihai has obviously put a lot of work into getting the detail just right. I would love to see their imagination create other genderbent Disney movie characters.





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