Trailer Time: How to Train Your Dragon 2 – The first 5 mins


Are you guys excited to watch the How to train your Dragon sequel? Well you’ll probably appreciate this then. Yahoo movies have just released the first five minutes of the upcoming film’s opening scene. It has brought one thing to my attention – I really need to re-watch the original; I’d completely forgotten that Hiccup had lost his leg!

The movie seems to be set 5 years in the future, at a point where Dragons and Vikings are now a joint community. The Dragons themselves are like the Viking equivalent to horses; they have their own stables, feeding areas, and even get raced for sport. All the characters from the last movie are present, including Hiccup, though he doesn’t appear until much later on in the video. His scene seems to be the most important however, setting the mood for the entire movie. With his hand drawn map and pencil, you can tell that this is going to be a story about exploration.

Toothless is as adorable as ever, with his lolling tongue and his big grin. It’s nice to see him back on the big screen. The movie isn’t due out until June later in the year, but this five minute video will definitely whet your appetite.

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