Top 10: My Favourite Dragons

Today is 23rd April, making it St Georges Day here in Britain. Legends state that George was a Dragon slaying, princess saving knight. Now, if you believe that, you’ve probably been watching way too much game of Thrones and have seen Shrek more times than you should admit, but either way, it’s a nice little English tale. In honour of the Dragon ass kicking saint, I have compiled a list of my ten favourite winged beasts, ranging from the most terrifying, to the most kind.

10. Norbert

Norbert is a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon that Rubeus Hagrid (from the Harry Potter series) raises from birth. Won during a card game in the first book, Hagrid absolutely adores his prize. Having wanted a dragon his whole life, he tries to look after the creature in his hut, but Norbert becomes too violent and ends up being given away to a more appropriate home. Norbert himself isn’t in the book for very long, but he makes such an impact on Hagrid, who loved him so much, that he’s one of my favourite dragons anyway. I like to imagine that Hagrid goes to live with Norbert and all the other dragons when the Harry Potter books finished.

9. Spyro

This little purple dragon with little yellow wings and a spiral tail, has been a part of my life for a rather long time. He is the protagonist of the Legend of Spyro game franchise. You play as him throughout all the games, so I became rather attached to the little fella in my youth. He’s brave and courageous, a real hero, but most importantly, he’s good at collecting coins! Not to mention he’s bloody adorable.

8. Maleficent

This wickedly sinister sorceress is definitely most recognisable in her human form, but it’s not until she transforms into a devilish dragon, to try and kill poor Prince Phillip, that we truly quiver in our boots. This conniving villain, from the Disney tale of Sleeping Beauty, is as evil as they get, but there’s no denying how fiercely beautiful she is, even when snapping at the face of the hero. I can’t wait to see whether the dragon re-appears in the live action remake coming out later this year.

7. Falkor

Falkor is a luckdragon who appears in the movie The Neverending Story, to assist the boy hero Atreyu on his mission to cure the Empress. Unlike a huge amount of my friends, I didn’t grow up with this movie, so I don’t have a nostalgic attachment to the mild mannered dragon, but I can’t deny how lovely he is. Caring and cuddly, every one has pictured themselves riding on him at some point, even Peter Griffin from Family guy ..though that didn’t end well!!

6. Smaug

Probably one of the most famous dragons at the moment due to his portrayal in the new Hobbit movies by Benedict Cumberbatch, Smaug is undoubtably the greediest dragon around. His need for gold leads him to live a life of isolation, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s cunning, unforgiving, and ruthless; one of the most deadly villains in the whole of Middle-Earth. And his new found British accent sends chills down my spine whenever I watch him on screen.

5. Dragon

Starting off as an adversary in the first Shrek movie, Dragon becomes a main character due to her relationship with Donkey, eventually coming to the teams rescue on more than one occasion. You set out to dislike her because she’s a cliche dragon keeping a princess locked up in a tower, but you can’t hate her for long because her love for the goofy Ass voiced by Eddie Murphy transforms her into one of the most caring characters in the entire trilogy. The icing on the cake is when she becomes a mother, giving birth to creepy yet adorable dragon donkey babies.

4. Balerion

Tonnes of Dragons have roamed the fictional land of Westeros from the Game of Thrones franchise, most famously Deanerys’ three ‘children’ – Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, but none are more powerful than the impressive Balerion. Readers of the book will know that Balerion was once a magnificent beast, ridden by Aegon Targaryen, otherwise known as Aegon the conqueror! With the help of black beauty Balerion, Aegon managed to unite the seven kingdoms and become king of all. He is the daddy of all dragons, and terrifies all in his wake.

3. Lockheed

Lockheed is from the Marvel Universe. Companion of Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) he has saved all the x-men on more than one occasion, none more than Kitty with whom he shares a special bond. She met the dragon in space, where he rescued her, and since then he has been her loyal companion, helping out on missions and keeping her safe. He’s only a tiny thing, about the size of a cat, but he has intense fire breathing abilities making him a powerful opponent. If I could have any dragon from the list, I’d love a pocket sized Lockheed.

2. Mushu

Mushu has got to be the funniest little dragon alive. Appearing in Disney’s animated movie, Mulan, he becomes the guardian of a girl who runs away to join the imperial army in place of her father. Providing the comic relief throughout the whole film, Mushu is definitely one of the more developed dragon characters in any movie. I love his hilarious one liners, and his little insults, but I also love how determined he is to stick by his friend.

1. Toothless

My favourite dragon has to be Toothless from How to train your dragon. He has so many good qualities, like his loyalty to Hiccup, and his playful nature, but there is no forgetting that he’s a creature of the wild. He is both scary and adorable, like a dog in charge of a house. He loves Hiccup with all of his heart, and protects him as much as he can, but he’s also a bit mischievous, especially when he’s flying around with his man made tail. I love the way he has been designed as well ..with, and without teeth!

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