Fandom Fashion Find: Dragon Scale Legs


I feel like I’m going dragon crazy at the moment with St George’s day just passed, Game of Thrones episodes in full force, and How to train your Dragon on the horizon. Not to mention the Dragon themed Loot Crate I received yesterday. I guess it’s the perfect time to announce that I am ridiculously in love with these amazing Dragon skin leggings from Poprageous.

There are five colours available all together; Red, Amber, Green, Purple, and Blue – the first three based on Daenerys three dragon babies; Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal. Each pair of leggings are designed to look like the hide of a dragon, and impressively they do. Poprageous have created an amazing 3D effect, covering the whole of the fabric. It honestly looks like one touch would cause callouses to form on your hands from the rough texture.

In my opinion, Drogon has to be the best dragon out of the three mentioned above, so naturally the red design is my favourite, but every other colour is just as vibrant and visually stunning. I’ve never owned a pair of Poprageous leggings before, but if they’re anything like Black Milk Clothing’s popular apparel, then they will last you a long time.





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