Unboxing: Lootcrate (Dragons)


My first Loot Crate arrived yesterday so I decided to create another unboxing video, slightly less awkward than my last one. Being my second YouTube video, I was a lot less nervous, but it’s still pretty mumbly, so I do apologise. Its also made using my laptop webcam again, the one that creates that really annoying beeping sound in the background, but I’ve ordered a new external webcam, so I promise if I create anymore vids, they will be less headache enducing!

Loot crate is another company who provide a geeky mystery box service every month. Unlike the SuperLoot box I’ve had in the past, this one is US based, so it took a bit longer to get here, but they seem to be a more reliable company with a larger following, generally appearing much more professional. The boxes are filled with a variety of different geeky products each month – T-shirts, comics, stickers, toys. It tries to appeal to every nerd out there. This month’s theme was Dragons, probably to coincide with the release of the new Game of Thrones season. It was a really exciting box.

Here’s a break down of everything I got;

Game of Thrones Mystery Mini – this particular product has been created by Funko. There are 16 different characters available, ranging from Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister, to Deanerys’ Dragons. The rarest being black dragon Drogon, and handless Jamie Lannister. I ended up with Joffrey – skinny and blonde with a crown on his rotatable head. I was kind of annoyed because he is super evil, and I wanted a nice guy ..but this just means I’m going to have to set out to collect more of these little guys.

The Nord – this was my favourite thing in the whole box. The vinyl figure is based on a character from the Elder Scrolls franchise. With Elder Scrolls Online on the verge of being released on Xbox one, I was really happy they included this limited product because it helped satisfy my Skyrim need for the time being. It’s adorably small, with detachable helm and weapons, including an axe and a sword. You can also move his arms if you wish, for better weapon placement opportunities.

D20 Dice – the box came with two of these; a regular blue dice for use in a Dungeons and Dragons game, and a larger orange, squishy dice for use as a stress ball when the game gets too much for you to handle. I’ve never actually played proper Dungeons and Dragons, but I’ve always wanted to – I’ve even put it on my geeky bucket list, so I’m excited to use these.

Dragon Slayer Dog tag – probably one of the least useful things in the box, but still not half bad. The chain is nice and long, with a ‘Dragon Slayer’ tag on the end. It’s more of a Memorabillia product than something I’d actually wear, but you never know, it might come in handy if I ever Cosplay as a slayer of Dragons..

Shield Screen Cleaner – cute and handy, this is another great product. I’ve tested it out, and it cleans my phones screen well enough, but it looks so much more awesome when I attach it to my Nord as an accompaniment to his weapons.

Dragon Jerky – Don’t worry guys, this isn’t actually made from real dragon (as far as I’m aware). It’s glorified beef jerky, dyed green to look like dragon skin. A clever idea, and nice little addition to the box. Plus, you can never go wrong with food.

Badge – Loot Crate provide a badge with every box they send out, displaying the theme of that months crate. I don’t generally wear badges, but I do have a selection from the cons and gigs I’ve been to in the past. I can imagine they’d make up a nice little collection once you’ve had a good years worth of boxes.

The items in each Loot Crate are obviously a gamble each month, otherwise it wouldn’t be a mystery box, but knowing the theme gives you an idea of what to expect. If the theme is something you know you’re not interested in, then you don’t have to get that months box, it’s a pay as you go service ..though they might surprise you with their products. I really loved the Dragons theme, and all of the products that came in the crate. I’ve already set all my figures up around my room and I’m extra chuffed with my Elder Scrolls Nord.

The boxes are only around $13 if you’re American, which is an amazing price if you ask me. Shipping them abroad costs a little more, but for us Brits, it still worked out less than £20, much better than buying everything separately. If you want to sign up to get next months box, check out the Loot Crate Website here. You can get an extra $3 off by using the code MAYLOOT. I’m definitely tempted to get the next one if it’s going to be as good as this.

4 thoughts on “Unboxing: Lootcrate (Dragons)

  1. I’ve never heard of this before. Which is kinda strange since I’m an American and this is a US based company. Then again, there’s a lot of things I’ve never heard of before, so it’s not too surprising.

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