Fandom Fashion Find: Dinosaur Fossil Tshirt


I love wearing unique T-shirts that nobody else has. Obviously the geekier the better, but if they’re limited edition or from a company just starting up, that really peaks my interest. There’s nothing more satisfying than wearing something no one else has ever seen, and there’s nothing more annoying than getting an awesome new shirt from the likes of Redbubble, that everybody else seems to have!

A brand new company called Monster Trunk has just come to my attention, and they have an incredible Tshirt for sale. The design shows the skeleton of a tyrannosaurus Rex, eating the fossils of another dinosaur – what looks like a stegosaurus. It’s an insanely detailed design, every bone present and to scale, sharp and jagged, just like you’d imagine a skeleton to look if you were digging it up your self. There are even cracks and dents scattered all over the bones.

The image itself reminds me of an ouroboros – you know, the snake eating it’s own tale. Infact, it also kind of reminds me of the Neverending story logo. I think that just adds to the appealing nerdy factor for me. My absolute favourite thing about this Tshirt though, and the company for that matter, is that so much work has been put into this. When you purchase the top, it comes to you in custom packaging. You even get hand drawn stickers, postcards, and a cute dinosaur egg to hatch yourself. If that doesn’t scream customer love, I don’t know what does.

You can purchase the Tshirt here for under £12. There are custom galaxy prints available as well. You can find a 20% discount code on their blog too.





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