Everyday Cosplay: Snow White (The Wolf Among Us)


I’ve been racking my brain thinking about Cosplay costumes recently. In May, the biannual MCM expo will be coming back to London, and I want to be prepared, so I’ve been thinking about a character to dress up as. Having played a lot of The Wolf Among us in the past month, it got me thinking about one of the main characters, Snow White. She looks nothing like the typical Disney version of Snow White; the version we’re so used to seeing. She looks ..normal.

So I decided to compile an Everyday Cosplay for her – a subtle costume you could wear whenever you want, and still look like you’re going to the shops, rather than to comic con. She already wears relatively normal clothing so it wasn’t too difficult to pull a suitable outfit together. This is what I came up with:


Snow White’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of a skirt, shirt and jacket, with shoes and earrings. The blue pencil skirt is from Amazon and the light blue shirt is from New Look. I couldn’t find a shirt patterned with snowflakes anywhere, so had to settle with these white polka dots. The dark blue shoes are from Dorothy Perkins, and the white earring studs from Debenhams.

The jacket was the most difficult to find because I wanted it to be fitted, whilst also having three buttons. This beige blazer from yoox was an almost perfect match, though it is the most expensive item in the collection. Even though Snow doesn’t wear anything around her neck, I came across a beautiful snowflake necklace. I could picture her wearing something similar, plus I think the outfit needed it seen as I skimped out on the snowflake shirt. Finally, no Snow White is complete without ‘lips as red as blood’ so I added this bright red lipstick from by Barry M ..one of my favourite make up brands.

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