Nerdy Ninja News: w/c 20th April ‘14


– The final Hobbit movie has an official name; The Battle of Five Armies. The original title for the third movie in the trilogy was ‘There and Back Again’, but Peter Jackson felt he had to change this because Bilbo had already arrived ‘there’ at the end of The Desolation of Smaug.

– A Justice League movie has been announced. The film will be directed by Zack Snyder, and the script written by David S. Goyer – which is currently still in development. It’s rumoured to have a May 2017 release date, but this has not been formally confirmed. The movie will include current Batman vs Superman actors; Henry Cavill, Ben Afleck, Gal Gadot, and recently announced Ray Fisher. An actor has already been rumoured to play the part of Aquaman – Matt Damon. It will be interesting to see whether this actually comes to light.

– Marvel Comics are going to be introducing a new Storm comic book. Created by Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez, the series will see the character take off around the world on a one-woman peacekeeping mission.

– Star-Lord, member of the Marvel team, Guardians of the Galaxy, will also be getting his own comic series called ‘Legendary Star-Lord’. He is the second Guardians member to get a Marvel Now! title, the first character being Rocket Raccoon. The comic series will be created by Sam Humphries and Paco Medina.

– Wolverine’s demise has been announced, and will be documented in a four issue mini-series called ‘Death of Wolverine’ which is to be released in September, and will be written by Charles Soule. This follows on from the ‘3 months to die’ story ark, where Wolverine has already lost his healing powers to a virus.

– Friday the 13th will be getting its own Television series. The story line will be about Jason Vorhees at different points in time, and is being written by Bill Basso and Jordu Schell. Director of the original 1980s film, Sean S. Cunningham, is set to produce the show.

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