Electro’s Head


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted Jamie Fox’s head on my mantelpiece ..said no one ever!! Well, up until now anyway, because I really, really want this Deluxe Edition Blu-ray for the recently released Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. Shaped like the bust of Electro, a villain who features prominently in the film, the case contains three disks that slide nicely into the back of his neck.

I’m quite surprised they’ve modelled the entire case on Electro, considering that it is a Spider-man movie after all, but that doesn’t take away from how epic it is. Incredibly detailed and super accurate, the bright blue head is going to be a definite talking point. Currently available to pre order from Amazon, you’re looking at a price tag of around $100, but for that you’re getting the Blu-ray disks, and a pretty awesome bit of memorabilia.

The Amazing Spider-man is not actually out in America yet – I believe its release date is tomorrow? You may want to check out the movie first before ordering the Blu-ray’s; though I am convinced you will not be disappointed.


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