Youtube Spotlight: Real life Adventure Time swords


Oh my glob! I’ve just started watching through this amazing set of videos created by professional blacksmith, Tony Swatton, and had to share a few of my favourites. With the help of his team, who all have experience working various metals, he has created the youtube channel, Man at Arms. Every other Monday, the group forge a famous weapon from a popular game, movie, or even cartoon series. Weapons they have previously created include Thor’s Hammer, Sephiroth’s Masamune (Final Fantasy), He-Man’s Sword, and the Dark Knights Batarangs.

Now, I’m impressed with all of their creations, but none more so than the swords they made from cartoon network show, Adventure Time. Finn and Jake, the protagonists in the cartoon series, each have a sword to fight evil in the land of Ooo. The guys from Man at Arms have recreated these in real life, and they look SHMOWZOW!!

I mean, creating a replica of a real life weapon, Jamie Lannister’s sword for example, is one thing, but creating a replica of a weapon from a cartoon drawing, is something completely different. How do you make a weapon to scale if you’ve only ever seen a dog wield it? I can’t believe how awesome they turned out. The videos show each creation being made from scratch, so if you’ve ever fancied playing with molten steel to make your very own Captain America Shield, or a sword like Link’s from Ledged of Zelda, now’s your chance.

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