Save Almost Human!


Earlier this week, I found out that Fox was cancelling the TV show Almost Human, and I kind of wanted to cry. I watch a lot of different series, and this particular show has been one of my favourites since its very first episode in November last year. The science fiction show revolves around a pair of police detectives, one human, and one android, who are basically thrown into a partnership, to prevent the huge amount of technological terrorism that has evolved over the years (the series is set in 2048).

The main thing I love about this show, apart from the awesome futuristic gadgets that you discover in every episode, is the relationship between the two main characters. John Kennex, a pessimistic, grumpy human, and Dorian, a wide eyed, naïve, and unbelievably adorable android, have THE best chemistry I have ever seen on a show. They balance each other out perfectly.

It also helps that I absolutely adore the actors. Kennex is played by Karl Urban, who is basically a geek god in my eyes. He has played Bones in Star Trek, Judge Dredd in the latest Dredd movie, and Eomer in The Lord of the Rings. Dorian is played by Michael Ealy, who I don’t recall seeing in many things other than Underworld, but this show has made me fall in love with him – those eyes! They are supported by Mackenzie Crook who plays Technician, Rudy Lom. He is another awesome actor, probably best known for playing one of the doofus pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean. Oh yeah, and I haven’t even mentioned that the series is produced by legendary JJ Abrams.

Now, obviously every series has ups and downs, Almost Human being no exception, but for a show still in its first season, it has so much room for development, and that’s why I’m so disappointed. I guess quite a few people agree with me however, because a petition has just been started, with an aim of saving the show. I’m not sure it will help; generally, if a big company like Fox decide to do something, nothing can sway them. But I’ll be signing anyway. Check out the petition here.

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