Funko Friday: Star Wars Series 6


With Star Wars Day (May the 4th) fast approaching, I’m expecting to find the franchise dominating the internet over the next few days, and believe me has already started! Star Wars merchandise is being announced hourly, even Funko have released a new Star Wars Pop Vinyl collection. The set consists of 6 different characters; The Emperor, Bossk, Hammerhead, Biker Scout, Luke Skywalker (Hoth Outfit), and a Wampa. The Wampa is larger than any others, standing at 6” tall rather than 3.75.

The addition of these latest characters takes the Star Wars Pop Vinyl total up to 39, though I can’t picture them being the most popular figures out of the entire set. None of them are particularly iconic to the franchise, except the Emperor and Luke. I personally would have preferred to have seen a Tauntaun in amongst the collection, it would have gone well with the Hoth Luke.






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