Everyday Cosplay: Marceline (Adventure Time)


Last week I created an everyday Cosplay outfit for Snow White, from Telltale’s game; A Wolf Among Us. I enjoyed it so much, that I decided to do another one this week. Rather than following the video game character route, I decided to pick a female from a popular cartoon series, and because I’ve been watching a lot of Adventure a time lately, I went with Marceline.

Marceline is a teenage vampire in the series. Being one of Finn and Jakes friends, she loves adventures, but she’s also very mischievous. Her outfits are therefore relatively practical, and usually quite calm compared to a lot of the characters living in the land of Ooo, though she does have a hint of gothic style – the kind we generally associate with Vampires. She wears quite a few different outfits throughout the show. I chose the one that I’ve seen her in the most ..with a few added extras.


Marceline’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of jeans, a top and boots, with added sunglasses, necklace and bass guitar. The blue skinny jeans are from online store, Outnet. I picked them because the colour matched perfectly. Same with the grey tank top from Amazon. The red cowboy boots are from Zappos. They match the ones in the show relatively well (except for the patterns that cover them) but I mainly chose them because I think they look awesome!

The rest of the items I picked weren’t anything I’d ever seen Marceline wear, but felt that they suited her image and personality, first thing being a pair of red sunglasses from Amazon. Vampires are usually quite sensitive to sunlight, and being a wannabe rockstar, I felt it was necessary that she had a pair. Red, being a colour she obviously favours, seemed like the logical choice. I also added a bag modelled after the bass guitar she uses in the show. I don’t think she’d carry her bass around everywhere in real life, but in bag form ..why not! This particular one is from Hot Topic.

Finally, I wanted to give her a necklace, and settled on a Marc Jacobs guitar pick from Shopbop. It looks awesome, perfect for any rock star, and would come in handy if she wants to bust out a solo in the middle of the street. I couldn’t resist adding one extra item.. A box of fizzy vampire fang jelly sweets.

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