Top 10: May the 4th Gifts


Happy Star Wars day everybody! May the fourth be with you..! In light of the occasion, I thought I’d compile a quick list of my favourite Star Wars merchandise. These range from clothing, to lego, there’s even a sleeping bag in there somewhere. I’ve managed to require quite a lot of different Star Wars related products over the years, but these are things I haven’t managed to add to my collection just yet.. Well except one thing, which is so awesome it just had to be included.

10. Star Wars Onesies from Red5


Onesies are incredibly popular at the moment. I’m not entirely sure why it appeals to dress like a giant baby, though I must admit I do have my own to wear at music festival. I usually see people in animal ones; Monkeys, zebras, and Tigers to name a few of the most common, but I’ve never seen anyone in a Star Wars onesie, and I’m actually quite disappointed, because these look awesome! Modelled after a Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, R2D2, and Darth Vader, they look stylish and comfortable. Perfect for lounging around in the house, and even more perfect for Star Wars day.

9. Star Wars Lego from the Lego Store


I love Star Wars, and I love Lego, so there is little better than a combination of the pair. Lego have a huge variety of sets from the franchise, ranging from Death Star models, to a massive Sandcrawler. My absolute favourite is their R2D2. It’s expensive, but my god will it provide so many hours of fun, and conveniently, a lot of their sets are currently 15% off to coincide with the date. You even get a free poster is you order today.

8. Millennium Falcon Sunshade from Hot Topic


This is a genius idea. Everybody would love to drive Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, but unfortunately that is somewhat impossible, so making your own vehicle look like the inside of the space ship has got to be a close second right? Designed to look like Han, Chewie, Luke, and Obi Won are all sat in your front seat, this sunshade is both incredibly useful, and insanely awesome.

7. Lightsaber Torch from Amazon


Lightsabers are ridiculously expensive.. And they’re just replicas, they can’t even cut Darth Maul in half. I like the idea of having one, but paying £200+ for something that is just going to hang on my wall seems a little steep (maybe when I’m a world famous blogger or something). These Lightsaber torches seem like the perfect compromise. They look like the real deal – the hilt is detailed enough to imagine holding a real one, but it’s also practical, doubling up as a torch, so I feel like I’d be getting my monies worth.

6. Jedi Bath Robe from Firefox


I’m relatively certain that every Star Wars fan has imagined that their dressing gown is a Jedi robe at some point, but it’s just not the same as wearing a bath robe that actually looks like Obi Won could be wearing it. These robes allow you to Cosplay from the comfort of your own bath room. You can wear it whilst you practise levitating rubber ducks, and turning on taps with the power of the force.

5. Star Wars Leggings and Dresses from Black Milk Clothing


The only thing I currently own out of my Top 10 Star Wars products, is a selection of outfits from Australian company, Black Milk Clothing. These guys make THE best dresses I’ve ever seen. The designs are perfectly nerdy, and the quality is great, but not just that, everything is super sexy, so you actually feel like a girl, even though Darth Vader is covering your body. They have a huge selection of Star Wars designed clothing that I’m constantly drooling over. So far I have a Stormtrooper dress, a Boba Fett dress, and a pair of R2D2/C3PO leggings, but I want so much more. They have a sale on at the moment, especially for May the 4th – the perfect time to get Star Wars gifts.

4. Ahsoka Hoody from Her Universe


This is the best everyday Cosplay outfit I’ve ever seen. Modelled on Ahsoka from the Star Wars animated series, Clone Wars, it looks exactly like the character in the show. It’s vibrant and detailed, just like the animation. Her Universe also have a selection of other Star Wars themed hoodies. It’s definitely the go to place if you need a quick costume idea, or just want to be someone else for the day.

3. Lightsaber Chopsticks from Forbidden Planet


I’ve got to say, Chinese is probably my favourite food, next to pizza. It’s something I could eat for every meal, every day, or just constantly without stopping. Now, I’ve never been the perfect chopstick user, but if I got to use these ones, modelled like a Lightsaber from Star Wars, I’d practise all the time, and probably never eat anything else again. The best thing about these particular ones is that they light up, giving the illusion that they will slice through your crispy duck, as well as pick it up.

2. Reversible Hoody from Amazon


I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. It’s a reversible hoody, with Han Solos jacket on one side, and Chewbacca’s fluffy body in the other. With this, you can dress up as not one, but two Star Wars characters. It’s an incredible idea. I kind of with they’d come up with a few more like this.. Maybe Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper, or Luke Skywalker and a Tauntaun.

1. Tauntaun sleeping bag from Think Geek


One of the most memorable scenes in the history of Star Wars is during Empire Strikes Back, when Han Solo finds Luke Skywalker stranded outside the rebel base in Hoth, and saves his life by stuffing him inside a dead Tauntaun. Well, Think Geek have the perfect alternative to a Tauntaun corpse, signal the Tauntaun sleeping bag. All the fun of sleeping inside the mythical creature, but none of the blood and guts!! It’s definitely the funniest idea, and the cleverest.

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