Trailer Time: Gotham


The Gotham trailer has been a long time coming! I’ve been following the development of this show since it was first rumoured in January. Back then, all we knew about it, was that it was going to be based around High school aged heroes and villains. In fact, at one point I thought Fox might have been developing an animation.

Gradually characters were announced, then cast, then a full synopsis – more recently posters of four of the main characters in costume. And now, after holding my breath for so long, they have created a pilot, and we get to see the trailer!

Being a huge Batman fan, I was always going to be excited for this, but it’s not until you see something in action that you can have a true fan girl moment, and this trailer does not disappoint. Revolving around Jim Gordon, who is played by Ben Mckenzie, you seem to follow his encounters with many of the characters we’re familiar with – Bruce Wayne, Oswald Cobblepot – heroes, villains, and colleagues alike. It looks dark, gritty, and real. I’m excited to see how the relationships between Gordon and the rest of the characters develop in the show.

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