Unboxing: Comic Chaos #1


I got my first Comic Chaos Mystery Box the other day so created a new unboxing video. This time I had a new webcam to work with, so no more annoying beeping in the background, unlike in my last videos. It was hella annoying to use though. If anyone can recommend a decent webcam, I’d really appreciate it. Anyway, I digress.. Here’s my video.

This Comic Chaos box was slightly different to the usual mystery boxes I get. It was filled purely with comics, and unlike every other mystery box company I have seen in the past, there is no monthly subscription. You can order one for whenever you like, and it will arrive within the next five or so days. There are three different boxes available; a16 comic box, a 32 comic box, and a 64 comic box. I ordered a box of 16, which costs £18.49. The comics you receive are entirely random. They range from known publishers like Marvel and DC, to Indie companies such as Image Comics, and Avatar. Not all of them are new either. I’ve seen people receive 20+ year old comics.

Here’s a breakdown of the comics in my mystery box:

The Mysterious Strangers (July 2013) by Chris Roberson and Scott Kowalchuk

Absolution (Aug 2009) by Christos Gage and Roberto Viacava

Avengers + X-men (Sept 2013) by Justin Jordan and Angel Unzueta

X-Factor (July 2013) by Peter David and Carmen Carnero

Blood Brothers (Oct 2013) by Mike Gagerman and Evan Shaner

Wolverine (July 2013) by Paul Cornell and Mirco Pierfederici

Dexter (Oct 2013) by Jeff Lindsay and Dalibor Talajic

Batman ’66 (Oct 2013) by Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case

Fearless Defenders (Oct 2013) by Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney

Batman: Arkham Unhinged (July 2013) by Karen Traviss and Riccard Burchielli

Liberty Annual (Oct 2013) by Various

Young Avengers (July 2013) by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Captain America (Oct 2013) by Andy Diggle and Agustin Alessio

Ironman (July 2013) by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land

The Bounce (Oct 2013) by Joe Casey and David Messina

The Green Team (July 2013) by Art Baltazar and Ig Guara

There was a huge variety in comic. Not one was repeated, and the only character that appeared more than once was Batman, which I’m not complaining about. The majority were Marvel, but there were a few DC issues in there, and it was nice to see a few smaller companies like Image Comics too. All except one were from late 2013 which I was a little disappointed with. I would have liked a little more variety in date – the oldest comic I got was from 2009. That also happened to be the only issue 1 in the collection.

Like previously mentioned, this is a mystery box, so you have no idea what you are getting, and it is a bit of a gamble, but all in all I was very impressed with the variety in this box. I liked the fact that i had heard of half of the comics, but the others were a complete mystery, allowing me to read both familiar stories and completely new ones. I would have preferred more of a variety in date.. most seemed to be either July 2013 or October 2013, but these newer issues are perfect for people who are only just getting into comics, due to the New 52 and Marvel Now universe reset.

I expect that I will have to add a few more comics to my monthly order once I get through this lot. Buy your own Comic chaos box here

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