Adventure Time: Free Comic Book Day 2014

03.05.14 was a big weekend for us nerds. Free comic book day fell on the Saturday, followed by Star Wars day on the Sunday. I even got to have Monday off work as well due to it being a bank holiday. All in all a pretty awesome weekend.

I started my Saturday by getting up ridiculously early. My local comic stores weren’t partaking in Free Comic day, so a few friends and I had to venture on a 30/40 minute road trip to the Forbidden Planet store in Southampton. We got there about an hour after opening, but there were still plenty of comics available, each receiving a pack containing around 7 different comics and a magazine. I even managed to steal a couple off my housemate, so ended up with a small mound.



The free comics I managed to get my hands on included Futures End, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Rocket Raccoon, as well as Power Rangers, Hello Kitty, The Smurfs, Teen Titans, Donald Duck, and Kaboom! I expect I’ll do a couple of reviews once I get through them all. Here’s a full list of all the comics that were available. The magazines were DC Super Friends, and Star Wars. I couldn’t resist buying a couple of extra bits while I was there though.


Here’s my haul. I ended up with a new Minecraft book (this one showed you all the awesome things you can make from Redstone) and a Sentry Turret figurine from the Portal game series. I couldn’t leave without adding to my Star Wars collection, so I also bought a new case for my phone, modelled on R2D2.




I was a little disappointed with the turret. The box led me to believe that it would open and close, however, the reality is you either get one that is open, or closed, not both – at £3.99 though, I wasn’t going to complain. I ended up with a closed one, but an open would have been better. I loved the design on it though. The phone case was my favourite buy. Licensed officially by Lucas Films, it was excellent quality, detailed and vibrant. Being made of silicone, it will also last longer, unlike my poor Pokeball case.


There were loads of writers and artist in the store. All were from independent comics, and I didn’t recognise any if their names, but it was great to look at their artwork and learn a little more about them.




It was great to have a look around at the store itself at their new displays and the new toys available in their cabinets, my favourites being some incredibly detailed Ironman and Batman figures. The Ironman was amazing, you could add and remove all of his armour, and he came with a little work bench and tools. Unfortunately, at around £300 he was a little out of my price range. They had a Darlek on display too which was pretty awesome.



Star Wars day was also very successful. I did my part by wearing my deadly Stormtrooper jumper from Abandon Ship during the day, then my friend Lizzy and I changed into our Star Wars dresses from Black Milk Clothing in the evening for a night out. I was quite surprised that very few people realised it was May the Fourth. I couldn’t end the weekend without a Star Wars marathon, so I spent the rest of my time snuggled up with the six movies and a few episodes of Clone Wars.


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