Artist Alley: Tim Burton Doctor Who


When I’ve pictured a cartoon version of Doctor Who in my head in the past, it’s always been wide eyed, colourful, anime type images. The chirpy, quirky doctor couldn’t really be portrayed as anything else surely? WRONG!! Michael Kenny has created the most sinister, creepy, and down right sadistic set of doctors I’ve ever seen. Using Tim Burton’s iconic drawing style as his inspiration, he has illustrated his interpretation of all 13 doctors – yes this includes the War Doctor and newest addition, Peter Capaldi.

The designs all have those wide, heavy rimmed, gothic eyes that come with the Burton style, along with sharp features and pale grey skin. Some look miserable, some look cranky. The more terrifying of the set look maniacal. The only one that does not resemble an Insane Asylum patient is Three, but even with a smile he looks far from the generally happy doctor we’re used to. There is no doubt about who each is however. Even with a scowl or a murderous smile, the features of each doctor are undeniable. From hairstyle to clothing, every thing is accurate, even down to face shape. I’m incredibly impressed he’s managed to transfer each doctors character to his art. Be warned though, both Four and Eleven are utterly terrifying!!













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