Funko Friday: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Buffy is one of my all time favourite television shows. My friend and I used to work our way through all the episodes religiously when we got home from school, back in the days of VHS. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve re-watched every episode. When I found out Funko were adding Buffy and her kick ass pals to their Pop Vinyl collection, I couldn’t stop smiling.. Though I must admit, that was almost immediately followed by a sob when I realised Xander wasn’t included in the characters selected for toy transformation. Either way, it’s still an awesome announcement.

The collection obviously includes Buffy, stake in hand, accompanied by Willow, Angel, and Spike. Oz is also present, though I’m not entirely sure why they included him and not Xander, Cordelia, or Giles. (I really would have loved to see a Giles Pop Vinyl, he would definitely have been the cutest) There’s also a second Spike, in his Vampire form, and a Gentleman – which is one figure I will certainly not be getting, seen as those creepy heart stealers have given me far too many nightmares already.

The Buffy universe is riddled with characters, so I don’t expect we’ve seen the last of the Buffy Pop Vinyls. I’m looking forward to see if they follow up with a set of Angel figures …Lorn will look amazing!! You can pre-order all seven Pop a Vinyls from Popcultcha.







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