First look at Zack Snyders Batman and Batmobile


Zack Snyder, director of upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman, has just tweeted an image of Ben Affleck in the Dark Knights costume, along with his very own Batmobile!

OhEmGeee!! I have been waiting for this for so long, and Affleck looks amazing! How massive can one man get over a matter of months!? He looks bulky, even for Batman standards. It’s very hard to picture what the full costume is going to look like, with only the top half of his body showing in any detail, but it does look promising. You can kind of make out a black utility belt, just below those impressive abs, implying that this is going to be a full black suit, similar to Nolan’s in the Dark Knight trilogy. The iconic cowl and cape are also present.

As for the Batmobile, it seems to be a lot sleeker, and less armoured than the chunky, military vehicle used in Nolan’s movies. Blue Realm Studios just released a prototype sculpture of the car, showing off its full design and shape. Without off road wheels attached, it looks almost alien, very different to the typical Batmobile in past comics and movies alike.


Having released images of Ben Affleck as Batman, will photos of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman come next? I think Snyders portrayal of Diana Prince is causing a lot more intrigue right now.

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