Screw you Marty McFly ..I’m getting a Hoverbike!


I’ve all but given up hope of getting a Hoverboard by 2015. Like most people my age, the Back to the Future franchise brought dreams of a hovering skateboard, and self-shoelace tying shoes, becoming available by Twenty Fifteen – the year the movie is set. But alas, it’s 2014, and even though the shoes are rumoured to become available next year, the hoverboard looks far from a reality. The closest we got to seeing one in action was earlier this year, when Tony Hawks ‘tested one out’ – but it was all a cruel hoax, which made me die a little inside.

Well screw you McFly, I don’t need your crummy Hoverboard, Aerofex have gone one better and created a hoverBIKE! The ‘Aero-X’ as it will be known, will become commercially available in 2017, and it’s only ..85,000 dollars! Ok, so maybe I won’t be getting one. On the plus side, it’ll only put you back $5,000 to reserve one, then you have a couple of years to come up with the remaining 80,000 bucks – Bargain!

The Aero-X rides like a motorcycle, except for the fact that it hovers 10 feet off the ground. Able to travel over any terrain, it reaches a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour, and can hold 2 people (if their combined weight is less than 310Ibs). It runs on Automotive Gasoline, but the tank will run low after about 1.25 hours, so make sure you have spare fuel if you’re planning on road tripping across the desert – which this baby is more than capable of.

The Hoverbike is made of Carbon Fiber, with a three-rotor rotary engine. It has indicator lights, air bags, flotation pontoons, and a roll bar, so it’s as safe as it can get for a floating death trap. Best of all, you don’t need a Pilot’s license to use it, just a weekend’s worth of training. See it in action in the video below. Testing will commence over 2016.


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