Fandom Fashion Find: Shwings


I just… I just… I just don’t know what to say, except WANT!! What’s better than shoes? Shoes with wings, obviously! Ever since watching Disney’s Hercules and seeing little Hermes floating around with winged sandals, it became my lifelong dream to find myself a pair. Well, Red5 have created Shwings, making my dreams a reality – sort of. Ok, so they won’t help you fly to the moon, or to the shops, in fact they won’t help you fly anywhere, but they will make your feet look awesome.

Designed to look like angel wings, you lace them onto the sides of your shoes for a look that would make Thor jealous – who needs wings on their helm if they have them on their shoes? There are loads of colours available, including Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue and Black. The silver ones are definitely my favourite though. I’m not sure what they’re made of (definitely not real feathers) but they look sturdy enough – just don’t go jumping into puddles.




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