Everyday Cosplay: Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)


Game of Thrones is full of strong, powerful women, with beautiful, extravagant outfits. Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons and freer of slaves, is no exception. Boasting beautiful silver hair and violet eyes, she wears gorgeous long dresses studded with gold and gems, fit for a queen. Being a Khaleesi as well as a royal however, she does occasionally have to dress for the convenience of battle.

I’ve decided to base this weeks Everyday Cosplay on one of her more basic outfits – let’s face it, us common folk aren’t likely to go down to the shops in a ball gown of epic proportions. This particular set of clothing is one she wears quite regularly to lead her army of unsullied, especially in the latest season. Here is my everyday version:


Daenerys’ Everyday Cosplay is made up of a dress, with trousers, boots, and lots of accessories. The dress was the most difficult thing to find. I wanted the colour to match the one she wears in the show, but none with slits down the front seemed to be the right shade of blue. They also looked far too dressy. I settled on this blue dress from Dorothy Perkins because It was the right length and colour, looked relatively simple, and the high neck line with flayed sleeves gave the slightest illusion of Daenerys cape. The grey jeans were from Top Shop – there were so many similar that I had a huge selection to chose from. The grey boots were from online store, 6pm. These were perfect because they were wrinkled like the ones she wears, and also flat.

None of the accessories I chose match the ones she wears in the show, but I felt they were appropriate. The dragon egg pendants looked exactly like the eggs she receives from Illyrio, shiny and beautiful. Seen as she never went anywhere without them, I felt she could do with having them on her person. I found a second necklace from etsy. This one had a bright red anatomical heart on it, reminding me of the horse heart she devours when she is pregnant, to strengthen the baby. Being one of the more difficult things she had ever done, I felt that it could serve as a reminder of how strong she was.

I found her a Dragon Ear Wrap from Etsy. Not quite the same as a real dragon, but it would at least give others a signal that she has three of them, even If they are not always with her. Finally, the thing I liked the most about the whole outfit – the moon and stars ring from Etsy. It signifies the words she shared with Drogo ‘my sun and stars’ ‘moon of my life’. Even though he’s no longer with her, she can remember him when she wears the ring.

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