Everyday Cosplay: Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World)


Scott Pilgrim is probably one of my favourite ever films. I love the fact that it stays true to the comics created by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and I love the fact that it is absolutely bonkers. I have never seen any other movie like it. Edgar Wright did the most amazing job! I love the direction, the cast, the acting.. It’s everything I look for in a movie. I love that it’s riddled with references, I love its amazing soundtrack, and I love the creative characters, especially Ramona Flowers.

Ramona is Scott Pilgrims love interest, and pretty much the cause of everything that happens within the comics. If it wasn’t for her, there would be no seven evil exes for Scott to fight. She’s no damsel in distress though – she’s badass. She’s impulsive and mysterious, colourful and sexy, and has the best wardrobe ever, which she always manages to colour coordinate with her hair – something she changes every other week. Being one of my all-time favourite characters, it was only natural that I would Cosplay as her at the MCM Expo just past. Here is her Everyday Cosplay outfit.


Ramona’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of shorts, tights, a top and a jacket, along with boots and some accessories. The hardest thing to find was a pair of pink shorts. Ramona’s are bright and look like they are made out of Denim. I found the perfect pair on Amazon, and they are only £6.99. The purple tights can literally be found in any highstreet store, same with the Black Hoodie. This particular one is from Zalando, but I have a very similar one from New Look that I got a few years back. I contemplated adding the Grey Denim jacket for some time. It’s not particularly something you see people wearing these days, but I found a nice one from Gap. I think a leather jacket would have worked just as well.

The black boots are from Red or Dead. They’re bulky and buckled, and suit Ramona’s style. I have a similar pair – they are easy to get hold of. The studded belt is from Amazon, again something readily available in highstreet stores. This particular one was perfect because it had two rows of studs instead of the usual three. I picked a black tattoo chocker to go with her outfit – ultimate nostalgia (I remember having one when I was in junior school). Ramona wears two black strings tight around her neck, but I couldn’t picture that being very comfortable. Finally, I found a replica of her subspace bag on Amazon.

I cosplayed as Ramona Flowers over the weekend at the MCM Expo in London. Using my Everyday Cosplay guide as a basis, I think I ended up looking pretty convincing, what do you think?


I added a pair of silver goggles and a blue wig to the outfit, both of which were found cheap on Amazon. I styled the wig to match Ramona’s locks. It was quite difficult to get right, but starting off with quite a long wig meant I had some leeway for error.

5 thoughts on “Everyday Cosplay: Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World)

  1. […] Ramona Flowers – I love how Bryan Lee O’Malley styles his characters. But of all his creations, Ramona Flowers is my favorite. It almost feels a bit self-impressed to claim her as my favorite fashionable character because, on any given day, I dress…pretty much exactly like her. Ramona’s style in a nutshell is as follows: brightly colored hair, graphic tee, tights, skirt or shorts, and boots, plus an over-sized sledgehammer (as needed). Though her fashion sense might not be for everyone, don’t we all want to be a ninja delivery girl on skates? If you want to channel your inner Ramona, here’s an adorable Ramona Flowers everyday cosplay from Nerdy Ninja Platypus. […]

  2. I’m gonna be Ramona for Halloween this year – you’ve officially become my spirit guide for putting my outfit together! Haha. 🙂

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