Artist Alley: Star Wars Typographic Portraits


Typographic art is becoming more and more popular these days. It shapes words and phrases to form an object or a person related to the descriptions used. When it’s done right, it looks really impressive – if you can successfully mould the words to create an image that is recognisable. I’ve seen lots of examples of this in the past; in fact I just got a T-Shirt in May’s LootCrate which featured a picture of Link from The Legends of Zelda franchise, made out of Adventure related words.

These Star Wars posters created by Vladislav Poliakov however, have got to be some of the best examples of Typographic art that I have ever seen. He manages to add depth to all of his portraits, giving them a slight 3D look. He also uses various shades of each colour to create contrast between shadow and light, making them stand out brilliantly against the black background and white lettering.

There are three individual character posters, which include Darth Maul, Yoda, and Darth Vader. The red Darth Maul is probably my favourite. His head emerges from the shadows, made up of words such as Die, Force, Revenge, and Dark Side. Even his eyes are created using tiny lettering.



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