Artist Alley: Half hero, half human


Batgirl / Barbara Gordon 

I am absolutely in love with these prints created by Danny Haas. Showcasing some of our favourite heroes and heroines, the illustrations depict the two different sides of each’s persona; the costumed vigilante, and the man/woman behind the mask.

The collection includes males and females, from both DC and Marvel. There doesn’t seem to be any structure in selection, it almost seems like he’s picked who he wants to create next at random – which is nice because his latest creation will always be a surprise. However, I like the thought of having a set of Avengers, or a set of the Justice League.. Even a set of the Fantastic Four would be nice. My fingers are crossed for a few villains as well.

Here are a few of my favourites. You can buy prints from his Society 6 store here.


Selina Kyle / Catwoman


Diana Prince / Wonder Woman


Kara Zor-El / Supergirl


Sue Storm / Invisible Woman


Captain America / Steve Rogers


Hulk / Bruce Banner


Logan / Wolverine


Batman Beyond / Terry Mcguiness



Heisenberg / Walter White

Not quite a vigilante but he’s still badass! 

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