Smells like Sailor Spirit..


The brand new Sailor Moon series is due to start in July 2014, and Bandai seem to be trying to cash in on it as much as possible. The latest addition to the brand merchandise – perfume. To be fair, it does look glorious.

The eau de toilette is modelled on Sailor Moon herself – picture gems and ribbons. The pink 50ml bottle is topped with a golden crown, and adorned with hearts, bows, crescents, and lots of rhinestones. It’s scent is a mixture of lemon, peach, rose, Jasmin, amber, vanilla, and various other overly feminine fragrances. It really is very lovely, perfect for a fan of the anime.

It’s not available until November, however you can pre-order it now for 5,400 yen, which is only about £31.




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